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When to choose a KINESIOLOGIST to be your PERSONAL TRAINER

Updated: Aug 29

Since Registered Kinesiologist have specialized training to work with a variety of individuals including those with preexisting health conditions, anyone living with arthritis, chronic pain, past injuries, osteoporosis for example would benefit from working with a Kinesiologist.

A Kinesiologists scope of practice is defined in the Kinesiology Act, 2007 as “the assessment of human movement and performance and its rehabilitation and management to maintain, rehabilitate or enhance movement and performance.”

In other words, if you have had difficulty moving or exercising in the past (have had reoccurring injuries), living with chronic pain, a Kinesiologist / Personal Trainer will get you moving with less pain and more often safely and effectively.

Among the various groups of practitioners who are engaged in prescribing and guiding exercise programs, only Registered Kinesiologists are legally required to meet professional standards on a continual basis, engage in ongoing professional development, and meet entry-level requirements defined in legislation.

Ontario health regulators like the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario exist to protect the public. It sets and enforces standards of practice so that patients can receive safe, ethical, and competent health care. They ensure that Kinesiologist applicants have a minimum 4-year Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology or Exercise Science at an accredited University focusing their studies on human anatomy, biomechanics, psychomotor behavior, etc. The title “kinesiologist” can only be used by people registered, or licensed, with the College. To become registered, a person must pass the College’s entry-to-practice exam. The College develops rules and guidelines for the Kinesiologists' practice and conduct, including a code of ethics.

We have a duty to

first Protect our clients from injury,

then Correct Movements,

then Train Fitness

How do we do this? By taking new clients through a comprehensive 75 minute Initial Kinesiology Assessment to identify weak, stiff and inactive muscles that have been causing pain, may lead to pain and/or an injury over time, or are simply limiting your potential. Armed with this knowledge we are able to create a custom exercise program improves mobility, increases strength, improves balance and functional movements.

Our Kinesiologists focus on training Step 1 and 2 to get our clients to MOVE WELL. This BUILDS a STRONG FOUNDATION for MOVEMENT so client's can move often with confidence and less pain.

Our Kinesiologists / Personal Trainers have experience working with people living with...

OSTEOPOROSIS (BoneFit Certified)






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