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What is Clinical Kinesiology?

You are probably familiar with what a chiropractor does, a physiotherapist, massage therapist and dietitian.  Like these other professions, Kinesiologists are Registered Health Care Professionals here in Ontario.  Kinesiologists use the modality of movement and exercise to help a variety of individuals including those with preexisting health conditions (for example arthritis, chronic pain, past injuries, osteoporosis) achieve pain relief, build strength and mobility to function at their best for life.

Check out the important steps every person must take in order to achieve a Pain Free Life:

move well, move often.png

Our team of Kinesiologists will focus on Step 1 and 2 since it is crucial for building a strong foundation for staying active.  They will develop and teach you a daily exercise program you can do from home consistently that keeps you mobile and develops healthy muscles and stable joints. 


Not sure how to get started or want to learn more before booking?  

Take advantage of our Complimentary 15 minute Discovery Visit, by clicking below.

Julie McLean

Registered Kinesiologist


  • Functional Strength Training

  • Gait Analysis

  • Improve movement efficiency for injury prevention + athletic performance

  • Passive & Active Fascial release stretching

  • Postural & balance training

  • Training for people with Osteoporosis (BoneFit™)

  • Pre & Post Natal Exercise

  • Neuromuscular Exercise


Michael Bitel

Registered Kinesiologist


  • Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologists

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • Training 

  • Plyometrics

  • Aerobic Fitness

  • Athletic Performance

  • Fitness Testing

  • Sport Specific Training


Vicki Howell-Harries

Registered Kinesiologist


  • Clinical Pilates

  • Certified STOTT Pilates® Instructor

  • STOTT PILATES® matwork certification

  • Reformer™, BARRE™, CORE™

  • Training for people with Osteoporosis (BoneFit™)

  • Pre & Post Natal Exercise

  • Veteran Affairs Exercise Programming

Vicki Action shot.jpg
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