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Don't let pain and discomfort get in the way of you enjoying the simple pleasures in life like being active with family, travelling, gardening, walking or sporting activities.

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Melissa Williams
Registered Massage Therapist
Massage Therapy London Ontario

Melissa has a wealth of experience as a clinician. Melissa has experience working with youth, adults and seniors with varying conditions in treating clients to support them in reaching their health care goals. Over the duration of her career she has studied to become a Doula, supporting clients in pre and post natal care, ultrasound therapy and laser therapy for soft tissue and sports related injuries. Melissa believes in a holistic approach to optimal health care utilizing various areas of proper nutrition, physical activity, mental Health care, and various health care practitioners based on an individual’s health care history. Melissa is a member of the St. Joseph’s Hospital Patient council, and numerous volunteer community involvements in London ON, and surrounding area. Melissa is married, a mother, enjoys outdoor activities, traveling and ongoing professional development to best support and treat her clients.

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