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We train posture, balance & strength!


Safe. Effective.  Evidence-Based.

When you choose a Kinesiologist, you are choosing a Registered Health Care Professional.  You can feel ensured that they will provide safe, professional and ethical service.  Our Kinesiologists, have specialized Bone Fit™ training that is evidence-based and supported by Osteoporosis Canada.

What to expect at your Initial Visit

A full health history, examination of posture, balance and 7 essential functional movements needed to move & strengthen safely.  Your kinesiologists will work with you to create and teach a customized home program that meets your current health and fitness needs and goals.


Assessments are adaptable to any age and ability and is essential for creating an optimal exercise program that is safe and helps reduce the risk of fractures.

Please fill out this form if you Interested in Booking a 20min. Complimentary Discovery Visit

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