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"It's possible to be more fit & agile now than you were twenty years ago." 

(Christiane Northrup, M.D.)

Why is this the place for you?

We provide a safe environment for you to improve your health & fitness.  Our Kinesiologists are registered health care professionals.  They will help you address any pain and muscle stiffness by first screening and assessing your movements.  Once pain and mobility issues have been addressed, and functional movements restored, we gently challenge and strengthen your body in different movements.  You will see a noticeable difference in how your body functions and performs in different settings, such as at home, walking longer distances, trying new activities, gardening, yoga etc.

Our small studio setting sees clients by appointment only ensuring that your appointment starts on time with little waiting time.  We wash all equipment touched by our clients between sessions and have a strict policy that clients remain home if they are feeling unwell.  It is our number one priority to keep you safe during your visit.

What should you expect?


Our Physiotherapist will assess your mobility, function & strength to create a treatment plan that meets your current functional abilities and goals for improvement.

Physical therapy on leg
Kinesiology Exercise for Seniors


Your treatment plan will include guided exercise programming.


Train at a higher level, return to activity faster post-rehab, enjoy a better quality of life.

Playing Soccer

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