Meet Your Registered Health Professionals


Julie McLean

Registered Kinesiologist

​​ As a former competitive athlete and hiking enthusiast, I learned to push my body to it's limits - not always safely.  First it was an ankle sprain, then another ankle sprain (no big deal right?).  Then I suffered a devastating knee injury that required surgery and took me away from playing my favorite sport soccer.  Not being able to do what you enjoy because of an injury or surgery is life changing.  Ever heard someone say, "My body has never been the same since..."?

My years spent at Queen's University studying about the Human Mind, Body and Culture we live in gave me amazing knowledge & appreciation for the complexities of human movement!

After graduating in 2005, I have worked with a variety of people of all ages & abilities improve their functional movements with corrective exercise programming.  There is nothing more rewarding when your clients experience less pain, improved function & strength.  I love hearing stories of how the exercises are impacting their lives.

Vicki Action shot.jpg

Vicki Howell-Harries

Registered Kinesiologist

In 2004, I graduated with an Honours Kinesiology degree from Western University and immediately started working with clients with a wide range of injuries, conditions and fitness levels adapting exercise to each individual’s goals and abilities.

Growing up I was always active competing in track, synchronized skating and playing on many team sports. It was my own muscular imbalances and back pain from scoliosis that led me to discover pilates and yoga and complete the Stott Pilates matwork certification. 

I like to focus on more natural movements with a mind body connection.  This improves strength, breathing patterns and ease of movement in everyday activities and sports.  I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and helping people move well and move more often.


Melissa Williams

Registered Massage Therapist

Melissa has a wealth of experience as a Clinician. Melissa has experience working with youth, adults and seniors with varying conditions in treating clients to support them in reaching their Health Care goals. Over the duration of her career she has studied to become a Doula, supporting clients in pre and post natal care, ultrasound therapy and laser therapy for soft tissue and sports related injuries. Melissa believes in a holistic approach to optimal Health Care utilizing various areas of proper nutrition, physical activity, mental Health care, and various Health Care Practitioners based on an individual’s Health Care History. Melissa is a member of the St. Joseph’s Hospital Patient council, and numerous volunteer community involvements in London ON, and surrounding area. Melissa is married, a mother, enjoys outdoor activities, traveling and on going professional development to best support and treat her clients.

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Maggie Assaff

Registered Dietitian

Hi! I'm Maggie, a Registered Dietitian who is passionate about providing nutrition advice that is not only backed by science but is simple and easy to implement in your everyday life.


I take a non-diet approach with all of my clients and believe that all foods can fit in a healthy diet. I love food and truly believe that all can be enjoyed without guilt. 


My goal is to help you leave dieting in the past and learn to eat in a way that makes your body and mind feel at ease.