Past Injury or Surgery?

Our bodies and minds want to avoid movements that hurt or have hurt in the past.  Our Kinesiologists identify and address past trauma strategically and safely to turn pain & weakness into a strength.


Ever heard of the saying,

"You are only as strong as your weakest link?"



Your body was designed as a perpetual motion machine.  It is a system of rigid, overlapping segments connected by a series of joints that allows movement of one joint to affect the movement of another joint.  In short, when one area of the body is injured, painful and not working as it should, it will effect other areas of the body.  This is referred to as the "Kinetic Chain."

Our Registered Kinesiologists critically analyze your movement through various assessment and screening measures for the purpose of designing an exercise program that safely challenges the weak areas in your body.  Instead of avoiding certain movements because of a past injury/surgery or pain, our training results in you successfully achieving certain movements you have been avoiding.

We have helped clients in the following ways:

-  taking away knee pain and knee instability during lunges and squats

-  clients who used to take a chair lift up stairs because of knee pain are now walking up their stairs free of pain

-  taking away low back pain experienced after typical workouts

​-  taking away shoulder pain during push-ups

-  taking away sciatic pain

-  improved balance which has reduced our clients risk of falls

-  clients living with osteoporosis gain confidence in their movements and are armed with the knowledge of how to protect themselves from fractures.

-  increased cardio endurance because their bodies are moving more efficiently