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Kinesiology and Exercise for Pre and Post Natal Women

Pre & Post Natal Functional Movement

Pregnancy is a time to celebrate and enjoy.

Sometimes common aches and pains get in the way.

Are you experiencing low back pain? 

Sciatica?  Headaches?  Fatigue?

Are your muscles tired? 

Upper back/shoulder stiffness?  Hip/Knee Pain?

Are you finding difficult to find the motivation to exercise?


maybe you have been told you should stay active during your pregnancy, but are unsure what movements are safe.

We are here to support you!

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In order to help our clients, we believe the first step is to explain why your body is hurting.


This is best done by assessing and screening your current movements.  It is also important for our Registered Health Professionals to learn more about your personal health & exercise history.  There are so many personal factors that effects how your body adapts and recovers from pregnancy.  By learning more about your personal health history we can begin to understand how we can help you.

Thinking of getting started?

Check out our Complimentary Consultation Options



Pre-Natal:  How your body is changing and adapting to your pregnancy.


Post-Natal:  How your body has changed and adapted to pregnancy and your birthing experience.


The Initial Consultation will provide both you and your Kinesiologists with vital information about how your body is moving before and after pregnancy.  Having a baseline for movement allows for individualized exercise programming that gives you the freedom to move with power and strength.

Most of those common aches and pains normally associated with pregnancy can be reduced through correct exercise programming.

Avoid repetitive strain injuries!

Listen to your body and address mild to severe aches and pains NOW!

Your movement habits and the exercise choices you make now in your 20's, 30's, 40's will effect your health & fitness goals in your 50's and beyond. 


Our goal is to prioritize "Healthy Movements"

that will keep you moving tomorrow and decades from now.

Every woman's exercise needs are unique because they have a different history with movement & exercise, have past injuries that effect their current movement, have had their own special birth experience, and various levels of stress.

The safest way to get started is by booking an

Initial Kinesiology Assessment.


We also offer...

Kinesiology for Kids (Physical Literacy)

Parents may be interested in getting their child screened for "Healthy Movements" early.

Kinesiologist can provide fun games and activities to parents to try that are beneficial

in helping improve dysfunctional movement patterns early.


Kinesiology for Families

Research shows that when families move and exercise together, children are more likely to continue being active later in life.  If you as a parent have an injury, pain or dysfunction that is preventing you from being active with your children, our Kinesiologists can apply custom programming that will help you to be more active with your family.  We provide parents the option to bring their child with you to your exercise sessions.  Kids often mimic the movements you are doing and enjoy learning healthy movement habits.

Kinesiology and Exercise for Families