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Functional Movement for Seniors

Updated: Feb 24

What is Functional Movement and why should it matter to you?

Functional movements are movements based on real-world situational biomechanics.  In your own life, begin to think about how you move or have moved in the past.  Do you need to take the stairs daily or do you avoid them because it hurts?  Do you avoid getting down on the floor with your grandchildren people it hurts and you are afraid you won’t be able to get back up?  Do you have trouble walking and staying balanced?  How about shoveling the driveway?  All these movements involve multi-planar, multi-joint movements which place demand on the body's core musculature and innervation.

How do you know if your body is currently able to meet the demands of your current lifestyle?

Many people don’t know, until something goes wrong.  Dysfunctional movement is like plaque.  They build up overtime and can eventually lead to pain and discomfort that could have been prevented with learning healthy movement habits.  For plaque/cavities it is visiting your dentist for a check-up and cleaning your teeth daily.  For functional movement it is visiting your Kinesiologists for a check-up and doing your corrective home exercises first daily, correctly and consistently, then having your home program change to improve your strength and function over the years as you age.

It’s important to remember that the body will move in a way that is easiest, not necessarily functional.  Therefore, functional movement is a learned skill that requires a teaching and practicing component to maintaining a healthy body.

At Align Family Health & Fitness, Kinesiologists prioritize, preserve and improve the HEALTH of your body by correcting, teaching and monitoring functional movement patterns that are essential to how you move throughout your day.  We design exercise programs that best prepare people to meet and exceed the physical demands of their lives.

My favorite quote from one of our clients.

“My dog ran away and I found myself running after him without thinking or worrying about my knee.  After I retrieved my dog, I remembered I wouldn’t have been able to do this a couple of months ago.  My home program has been really helping my knee feel stronger and more stable.”

What is a Functional Movement Screening (FMS)?

FMS is a product of an exercise philosophy known as Functional Movement Systems, developed by physical therapist Gray Cook and grounded in years of innovation, research, and clinical experience.

The Functional Movement Screen is essentially a preventative method used to screen for any potential problems that may cause future injury.  It is also an excellent tool to keeping you healthy after recovering from a past injury.

FMS can be compared to a doctor checking your blood pressure at a routine check-up. When you go to your doctor and he takes your blood pressure, it’s not because you already have cardiac issues, but rather to identify something that could be a problem. FMS is used in the same way by screening your movement patterns in order to identify any possible movement dysfunctions that could lead to problems in the future. If a Kinesiologist notices something is off with your movement, they will correct it before it leads to pain or injury.  On occasion, if a Kinesiologist discovers a dysfunction, they are unable to treat, they will refer the client to another health care provider in their area of expertise, then follow-up to make sure the movement dysfunction is corrected in the most efficient means possible.

How the FMS Works

FMS identifies physical imbalances and weakness through a simple ranking and grading system that assesses movement patterns crucial to normal function. Screening movement identifies functional limitations and asymmetries that may decrease your ability to move correctly and limit your ability to train effectively and without injury.

After a thorough assessment of your current movement, clients are provided with a Report explaining areas of strength and areas of weakness.  Since you are only as strong as your weakest link, a corrective exercise program is designed to strengthen clients’ weaknesses, while allowing them to continue to play to their strengths.  

Your score is monitored by your kinesiologist throughout your training sessions, tracking your progress and improvement as you work towards balancing your health and fitness goals.

The Benefits of the FMS

When used to locate significant movement deficits, there are many benefits that result from prescribed corrective exercises, including:

• Injury Prevention

• Movement Pattern Restoration

• Strength and Conditioning

• Improved Balance

Book your Functional Movement Screening Today with one of our Clinical Kinesiologist

This 75 minute appointment includes a report, plus a home program. After your initial visit we highly recommend clients commit to at least 5 private sessions so we can make sure you do your exercises correctly.

6-Pack Starter Package

Initial Visit (FMS) + Home Program $125 - 75 minute appointment

First 5 Private Sessions $50 per 45 minutes sessions

Total Price: $375 plus tax

When you book online, you will automatically receive $20 off your First Visit

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