Reduce Pain, Prevent Pain and get Stronger with a "Kin Wall"

Our Kin Wall is an important tool for both advancing your movements and correcting underlying imbalances that manifest as injuries and chronic pain.

The Kin Wall was originally developed by B.K.S. Iyengar and is often referred to as a "rope wall." Practicing with a rope wall is sometimes referred to as "Yoga Kurunta." Kurunta means puppet - and the wall allows clients to hang like puppets.  Rope walls were common in India, where clients often installed them in their homes and used them to go deeper into poses or achieve asanas that they could not achieve without support. The western scientific wording... achieve a state of fully relaxing your muscles, "inhibiting" the overactive muscles in order to retrain them so they can relax and contract correctly. There is a neurological component to this retraining that first starts with learning how to fully relax and breath properly.

Practice with security and without strain

A rope wall can both offer a feeling of security and allows our clients to experience the benefits of a posture without straining.  In particular suspension walls can help with inversions and traction, alleviating spinal and pelvic tension.  By using gravity as a natural form of resistance, the rope wall can allow you safely open up further and in new ways than you might without the use of this wonderful prop.

A tool for beginners, injured and advanced clients alike

The wall enables beginners and those with functional alignment issues to learn and experience correct postural alignment, while building strength and stability in weaker areas without straining, and while focusing on breath. The wall enables more advanced clients to fine tune advanced poses such as backbends.

If you feel stiff, have aches and pains, or have strained yourself to achieve certain poses in yoga classes, the Kin Wall provides a more therapeutic and safer way of experiencing the benefits of yoga or any therapeutic exercise. If you're interested in working deeper or building your understanding of your personal alignment, try our 4-person Gentle Evening Flow starting Tuesday nights at 6pm and 7pm - if you find you continue to have ongoing pain anywhere in the body, do not ignore this pain and seek out one of our Kinesiologists to get this pain addressed.

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