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Move Better, Feel Better, Perform Better

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Why how you Move Matters!

Why should you care about how you sit, stand, walk, lift the kids, bend over, sit in the car, sit in front of the computer, slouch on the couch, carry groceries? The way you move in your everyday life matters. As we go through the day to day grind of the Monday to Friday routine, our body adapts - we develop movement patterns that are either functional or dysfunctional.

The body does what is easy, not what is best.

Dysfunctional movement patterns can lead to a variety of negative symptoms such as headaches, back and neck pain, hip and knee pain, cramping, fatigue and some digestive issues. When these symptoms creep up on us over time, we seek out various medical professionals, such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, family doctor to address our problems then continue to move our bodies in the same way that injured them in the first place.

Kinesiologists specialize in human movement and are trained to help you learn how to move better so you can move more often free from pain and injury. When you learn how to move functionally (ergonomically) and practice new movement patterns you begin to experience more energy. You also perform better in your sport, at work and at home doing the things you love. Many people go through life fatigued, not knowing there is another way to feel - energized!

A Corrective Exercise Program is designed to leave you feeling energized, not drained and will leave you feeling confident to move your body.

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